Probability now 20%

The report is out and the players are the same.   In order for it to have any credibility at all, new and credible investigators needed to come into play.   The fact that they did not, in my opinion, points to a dearth of anyone who is willing to stick their neck out for Andrea Rossi.   It’s also unlikely that the USPTO will accept this report as evidence.   It appears that it is not even going to make it on to arxiv, a preprint repository that generally will accept anything.   It’s a damning statement if even they won’t accept this paper.

It is a shame, to be honest.   I had been excited about this report and what it might inspire.   Perhaps Andrea Rossi / IH is playing it coy here, hard to say.   But frankly, to what end?   He already has IH in his pocket, why bother producing this paper by the same actors?

Note:  If the paper does make it on to arxiv, I’ll raise the probability back up to 35%.


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